How to KILL roaches

How to kill roaches

Who likes cockroaches? Who likes cockroaches in their home? Yea, that’s what I thought too. No one likes or wants cockroaches in their home or anywhere else. There are a lot of products used to repel, kill, attract/kill – not all of them are very good. Even if they rated as being very effective, there are steps that were taken for maximum potency. You need a well thought out system in place to properly and effectively kill the roaches.

How do I know if I have Roaches?
It seems like a trick question, but I assure you that some people really do not know if they have roaches. They kinda, sorta, think they do, but there are signs that you need to look out for. If you see one roach, its a near guarantee that there are more just waiting to get out. They are nocturnal bugs so if you wanted to investigate, you should bring a flashlight. Roaches normally leave behind a brown path of feces, or spots of tiny little black looking dots. If you see these indications inside drawers, or cabinets then there is a good chance you have yourself a roach infestation.

Seal up everything you can
It’s not easy to find out where the roaches are originating from, but typically there are what I like to call “hot zones” – areas of high activity. If you have some of these areas in your home, I would seal up all

  • cracks
  • crevices
  • seams
  • holes, etc.

I have used clear caulking in my home with great results. I don’t like the foam sprays, since it is somewhat harder to use the caulking. Caulk all openings around vents, pipes, windows, doors, etc. You can also install door sweeps so the roaches have a harder time getting under the doors in your house. I personally use DAP Dow Clear Silicone. I used about 4-5 tubes for a few closets, kitchen, and bathroom

Remove all clutter
Roaches love clutter. It doesn’t matter if it is books, papers, clothes, food, or whatever else you can think of, they love it. Remove all the paper, boxes, and get everything cleaned. If you remove their “hangouts” then they have less desire to go out in the open. They like to be confined in tighter spaces.

Starve them
Clean your kitchen using a de-greaser on every surface. Get all leaking faucets or pipes repaired so there is no water dripping giving the roaches a water source. Keep the drain covers over the drains so they cannot come up through the pipes. Any food that is going to be left out in the open should be covered in air tight containers or zip lock storage bags. Do not leave food out in the open, or over night. Also, don’t forget about pet food. Make sure you clean the food up each time the pets are done eating.

How to KILL roaches
There are a few different products that I like to use. I do like the bait traps and the gels. Each one has given me great results when used together. I also like the sprays. If you are spraying in your house, make sure it is non-toxic for human and animals, so just in case it comes into contact with them, it won’t harm them. Normally, I use boric acid on all the cracks and crevices before I caulk everything up. I use a hand sweeper to get the boric acid as far in the crack as possible, then seal it up using caulking.

You should expect to see more activity in the first few days since you are removing their hot zones and their normal travel routes. Once they come into contact with all the different products being used, they will start to die off. Most of the products kill over time, so it will help the poison travel back to the hive rather then to kill instantly. Make sure you examine all the traps and gels every few weeks to see if they need re-application.

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