Cockroach Eggs

Cockroaches breed at an alarming pace. Often times, many people kill roaches and never take care of the root of the problem. The eggs is the main source. Its normally hard to find where the eggs are, so many products out there only get rid of cockroaches that you can see. Cockroaches normally like to hide inside the walls, under the floors, or anywhere it can be damp and dark. The products I have tried worked, however each product has its own purpose. Some are for cockroach eggs, some are for the cockroaches themselves, others are are what I call the travelling salesman. It goes from wherever the cockroach picks it up, and then it will travel and at some point go back to its nest, effectively infecting the other roaches in that nest. That is the result I want, this way the source of the problem gets eliminated and my family doesn’t see any roaches.

Cockroach eggs, normally look like small pellets. They kind of look like small coffee grinds, or small specs of dirt. Each ootheca (egg case) can contain up to fifty eggs. Each egg can take about three and half months before it hatches. Since the females produce so many eggs and the eggs carry so many roaches that develop so quickly, the population grows rapidly. If the eggs are left unchecked, the roaches can easily repopulate every few days. There are many ways to kill roaches, but very few of them take into account cockroach eggs. Killing roaches helps, but the eggs are the true source of the problem. They will keep the population growing quicker then you can kill each roach.

In my experience, most cockroach eggs are in between floors or ceilings, in between walls, behind cabinets, appliances – basically all the places its hard for us to clean, and hard for us to get to. This is why getting the right bait and products are so important. If the poisons you bought don’t advertise that they will get rid of eggs or say something along the lines of “roaches will take it back to the hive” then the product is probably not going to help the issue so much. Next, we are going to cover types of products that will take care of the eggs and hive itself.

Boric acid is a white powdery substance that I place in cracks in the floors, or underneath appliances such as the fridge, stove, dishwasher, really anything that sits on the ground. In the closets, I spray this on the floor, and use brush to brush it under the baseboard, and between the floor cracks. Then I will caulk the seams around the baseboard. For cracks in the floor, unless you see the boric acid disappear (meaning there is a hole in the floor) you don’t need to caulk it. Boric acid sticks to a roaches body so they definitely take it with them to wherever they go. It slowly wears our their protective coating and kills them. It also effects their metabolism which helps to kill them.

I use roach motels under appliances as well as boric acid. The roach motel has a type of lure inside to lure the roaches in. Then, the roaches will feed on it, or take some back to their hive. It slowly kills the roach and when the roach dies, other roaches will feed on its poison body and slowly kill the population inside the hive. Since roaches are known to eat anything and everything, they also eat their own feces and other roaches which is why this method is very effective. Roach trap placement is key, so read the package carefully.

In the next post, I will cover some more ways to kill cockroach eggs, so stay tuned for more great information.

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